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With over a thousand weddings under our belt, we’ve been bringing the authentic concert experience to weddings for over 12 years now. We pride ourselves on the ability to tune our show to any venue or audience, leaving a lasting impression wherever we go.

We’ve performed in everything from 12th Century churches to converted barns to rustic marquees all over the UK and into Europe. We only need a 3x5m performance space and it doesn’t need to be on a riser. PA and lighting is all taken care of.

If your venue requires PAT and PLI cover we have the certificates ready to send over. We’re also used to sound limiters, just let us know in advance.

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We understand that our job is to blend into the background when we’re not onstage. When the time comes to perform we bring the energy and vibe your wedding needs – every time!

We’re proud to say much of our wedding work comes through recommendation. For us there is no higher compliment.