With over a thousand weddings under our belt, you can rest assured EOTC will capture the atmosphere you are looking for. We’ve performed in everything from 12th Century churches to converted barns to modern conference halls to rustic open-sided marquees. Normally it takes little more than a verbal description of your intended venue and the feel of the event, and we are off and running. We only need a 3x5m performance space and it doesn’t need to be on a riser; all PA and lighting is taken care of and we have PAT and PLI cover far in excess of the value most venues stipulate. We’re also used to sound limiters, and as engineers and recording artists we understand the acoustics of a room as soon as we set foot in it.

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Of course, a big part of our job is in getting to the venue and dealing with the staff, directly with the best man/ushers and of course ultimately the bride and groom! We pride ourselves on making life easy for everyone we come into contact with. We realise that our job is to blend into the background when we’re not onstage; and yet when the time comes to perform we will bring the exact energy and vibe your party needs – every time. We’ve made and cemented many lifelong friendships and working relationships through our job, and we’re proud to say up to 30-40% of our work comes through recommendation. For us there is no higher compliment than this.