How long do you play for?

We can play either two 1 hour sets or three 40 minute sets depending on how the evening is running and when you want us to start. Our contract usually stipulates ending at midnight and some venues may only be licensed until 11.30.

Can I choose your setlist?

We are experts at reading the room and we have several planned medleys for that “surprise and delight” factor. However, if you want to choose a few likes/dislikes from our repertoire, we’ll happily build a set around those.

Can you provide background music?

Yes, our frontman specialises in this. Our acoustic duo is ideally suited, too! We also provide a carefully curated background music playlist for the times when we are not playing, designed to create the right atmosphere at all points of the evening.

Do you provide PA/lighting?

We come as standard with LED and laser lighting for the stage area and up to 6000w of power, which we find covers us for most small to medium-sized events. For larger events, we normally find a more substantial PA or lighting rig is already being hired in. If not, we have options for you.